Chakra Creations

  (Formerly Manipura Yoga)
      Divinely inspired spiritual jewelry, yoga clothing & accessories...

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Chakra Earrings


Root Chakra - stability, instinct, strength


Sacral Chakra - creativity, joy, abundance


Solar Plexus Chakra - confidence, motivation, manifestation


Heart Chakra - unconditional love, compassion


Throat Chakra - communication, expression, truth


Third Eye Chakra - insight, clarity, wisdom


Crown Chakra - oneness, universal love and higher level consciousness


Chakra Balance - auric field


*See options for chakra earring designs below.

Specify which chakra/color you would like to purchase (Root-red, Sacral-orange, Solar Plexus-yellow, Heart-green, Throat-blue, Third Eye-indigo, Crown-violet, Chakra Balance-all chakras.

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