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Yoga Instruction

Yoga means "union" in the ancient Indian language called "Sanskrit". It is a practice that connects the spiritual, emotional, mental & physical states of being and can bring about profound changes in one's life. The Yoga practice is a blend of Vinyasa Flow & Kundalini with an emphasis on the energy centers of the body called "Chakras".  The sessions reinforce the chakras and can empower a person through regular practice. The physical, mental, spiritual and emotional effects can be felt immediately with increased energy, flexibility, strength, balance and an overall feeling of serenity. Every person is capable of doing yoga regardless of age, body type, fitness level and flexibility. All sessions are designed to meet the needs of all levels of ability and to promote increased health benefits for each individual. 

*Instruction is available for private or group sessions and can be custom designed for special accommodations.

Mandala Chakra Workshops

Experience the exhilarating practice of Kundalini Yoga while connecting with the subtle energy centers of the body called the "Chakras" which means "Wheels of Light" in ancient sanskrit.
Meditate on creating total mind, body, spirit health & balance while enjoying a journey through the inner realms of your being. 
Create a beautiful symbolic work of art called a "Mandala" expressing your life's journey, goals & dreams through images, words & symbols.

Discover the world of chakras & mandalas
 *Kundalini Yoga Practice
Awaken, release & balance
 *Chakra Meditation
Guided chakra connection
 *Create your Mandala
Design a symbolic work of art
 *Circle of Expression
Goals & dreams
Program Details:
 *Workshops can be custom designed
 *The duration of the workshop is
 3-4 hours
 *Workshops can be held at a 
variety of locations
 *Cost per person - $44 
Chakra Jewelry Parties
Make money while having fun!!!
* Host a chakra jewelry party at the location of your choice where you and your guests will learn about the chakra energy centers of the body known as "The Chakras" which means "Wheels of Light" in Sanskrit.
* Invite your guests to a unique jewelry buying experience where they will explore chakra balancing, healing & prospering while shopping for handmade jewelry!
* The Manipura Creations Chakra Jewelry Designs  are one of a kind, handcrafted pieces with 
many varieties and styles to choose from. 
The host/hostess of the party provides the location and light refreshments 
and receives 25% of all sales!

Mala Workshops

Learn how to use ancient Mantras & Malas 

for meditation & affirmations.

Workshops are held at a variety of locations & can be custom designed to suit your needs.

Choose from a variety of hancrafted Malas to purchase or 

bring your own Mala.